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Human Social Functioning & the Heimler Scale of Social Functioning:

Eugene Heimler developed a new approach to counselling in the UK during the 1960s, following his experience of surviving life in a concentration camp during the second world war, along with his work helping unemployed people in post-war London. Furthermore, he developed a remarkable tool to help the client and practitioner in the therapeutic process; the Heimler Scale of Social Functioning.

Simply completing the scale can be remarkably helpful in providing a focus for therapy or highlighting those areas of life that are creating difficulty. In simple terms, Heimler was able to pinpoint five common areas where people need to gain satisfaction in life, along with five areas where frustrations tend to be experienced, often depleting the sense of satisfaction from other areas. He also added five questions that provide an existential overview of life. Apart from those things that can come to light when completing the scale, it can also be analysed in several ways to gain further insight.

It's important to note that the scale is not some sort of test, or a personality profile, but more an overview of how life is being experienced in this moment. The scale is only valid at the time it has been completed, and any changes in life, such as work, relationships and even the progress made in therapy, would be reflected by changes in the scale answers, making the original results 'out of date', to some degree. But this is not a problem, as the purpose of the scale, in part, is to help to bring about change, rather than to provide some form of long-term measure.

Ultimately, the scale can work as a signpost or a point of reference in therapy, it can enable people to gain insight, make informed, healthy decisions, and regain control and understanding of their lives.

For more information:

The British Association of Social Functioning has a helpful web site:

Here is a direct link to their page on "What to expect with HSF in therapy".

Also, this page contains a brief description of the HSF scale.

Please note that, as with any talking therapy, results may vary from person to person.

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